Kristen L.

Danielle is an excellent broker that you should absolutely use if interested in buying a co-op or condo in NYC. We wouldn't have found our dream apartment without her and we will forever be grateful for her never-ending hard work, her tenacity, and her dedication to getting her clients into the right apartments for them. She is super knowledgeable and savvy and takes your specific parameters and desires into account as she curates your search. We had been looking in various neighborhoods across Manhattan and Brooklyn and originally weren't considering the Upper East Side, but knowing our needs and price point, Danielle was great about pushing us to expand our thinking while also being respectful towards our dealbreakers. And of course, she was right! Danielle spotted the UES apartment in which we ended up and knew it met most of our wants - and we immediately fell in love with it when we saw it. She has great instincts about her clients and about apartments. She is also the most responsive broker we've ever met and quickly gets back to you whenever you need something or she has any updates. Additionally, she has amazing instincts about offer amounts and negotiations and is very knowledgeable about co-op financials and board packets (which is incredibly helpful once you get to that stage of committing and going through the process). We are so happy where we ended up and so thankful we found Danielle! We promise you will be too.


Danielle is absolutely amazing, hands down the best real estate agent in all of NYC. Danielle helped me purchase my first apartment and guided me through every step of the way as I was a first-time buyer. She was extremely informative about what to look out for, assessing if there was any work needed to be done, financials, etc. The time Danielle takes to understand what would truly be a good fit for you within the budget you have makes you feel beyond valued. I can't thank her enough for never being in-convened by my constant questions, phone calls, and texts throughout the process. Her expertise in today's real estate market is without a doubt unparalleled. As a first-time buyer the whole process can be extremely daunting, but when you have someone as knowledgeable as Danielle, you know you're in good hands. Her constant stream of communication and honesty lets you know that she's not here just to make a sale, rather she genuinely cares to find what truly fits you. At the end of the day with Danielle's help, I'm lucky enough to say that I got an apartment that I am 100% happy with. I cannot recommend her enough, it would be impossible to find such a personable, hard-working, and knowledgeable agent as her. Highly recommended!

David S.

I met Danielle through another member of my family who was also working with her to buy an apartment in NYC. Danielle listened to my short and long-term needs, and we stayed focused on a very specific budget. During my apartment search, a place I viewed (and loved) went into contract with another buyer before I could make an offer. But that transaction ultimately fell through. Danielle, because of her incredible attention to detail, noticed that and immediately let me know the apartment was back on the market. I recently purchased that apartment, which I could not have done without her excellent guidance. Danielle remained indispensable throughout the due diligence process, working closely with my attorney. She was always available to talk or text and went above and beyond helping me find a tenant after closing. I feel like I can call her any time if I ever need real estate advice. I highly recommend her!

Hannah M.

Danielle’s understanding of the real estate market paired with her unwavering dedication and creative thinking makes her invaluable. We believe wholeheartedly that we would not be in the position we are in now had we not had the good fortune of meeting her. Danielle listened to our real estate hopes and dreams and looked at all of the factors that made up our particular financial situation. She was able to immediately imagine and then calculate the possibilities for us. She explained that the realities of what we could achieve were far greater than we realized if we were to advance with a clever approach. She quickly laid out a plan for us that made it possible and now we own a home that well exceeds all of our initial expectations. We would not be in this position if it weren’t for her dedication, intelligence, and problem-solving skills. I highly, highly recommend Danielle.

Justin W.

Danielle helped me and my wife purchase our Brooklyn townhouse. She also helped us sell our previous condo and walked us through securing the loan and other steps to sell while buying. Danielle made herself constantly available, both through the search process and the purchasing process. Every time an issue popped up Danielle had an answer, a contractor, a lawyer, whatever we needed. And it was fast! She was always positive and gave us the context we needed to calm us down when there were surprises. Even now that we are living in the place she still checks in. She's recommended contractors, helped us figure out what we're supposed to do with our trash, and solved various other mysteries of townhouse ownership. I'd recommend her to anyone looking in Brooklyn. She helped make our dreams come true.

Mike V.

Danielle helped us buy our Park Slope condo in Brooklyn and was fantastic to work with. She was very responsive and friendly and knew the NYC real estate market. When we went to her, we already had a few listings we'd found online and she knew everything about the buildings and had already been to most of them and knew which ones we'd like and wouldn't - and she was right. When we found the place we wanted, she helped us through the whole process, recommending lawyers, inspectors, banks, etc. Every step of the way she was pushing the bank and the building to get us the best possible deal and to get it closed. She helped us with rates, negotiation items, etc. She's very skilled at what she does and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with her.

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