The Belnord: 225 West 86th Street

Having been on the hunt for your dream residence in the New York City? Located between 86th and 87th Streets and Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue in 1994, the Belnord celebrates style, comfort and luxurious living.

This gated complex taking up an entire square block on the Upper West Side is the works of being transformed into a piece of art under the guidance of Robert A.M. Stern.  With 14-stories built in the 1908, the building features 215 units with 95 units in the process of being converted from pre-war residencies to luxury condominium apartments. Sporting a lush green courtyard with a large central fountain, the Belnord stands out as one of its own kind.


On September 18, 2008, Extell Development hosted a very large party in the enormous courtyard of the Belnord apartment building to celebrate its centennial.  Extell bought the full-block apartment complex that is bounded by 86th and 87th Streets and Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue in 1994.

The party had many black-tie musicians, many hors-d'oeuvres and two sushi bars as well as a tent that surrounded two-thirds of the wide walks around the lushly landscaped courtyard that has a very large central fountain.

One of a handful of full-block apartment buildings in the city with major garden courtyards, the Belnord was designed by H. Hobart Weekes in the Renaissance Revival-style.

In 2015, Ziel Feldman of HFZ Capital Group brought the building from Extell for $575 million and is converting it to a condominium with a sellout goal of $1.35 billion that was approved by the New York State Attorney General’s Office.  Mr. Feldman has been a partner with Extell and the Property Markets Group in 1994 to buy the building for $14 million.

According to an August 15, 2017 article by E. B. Solomon at, “as of April, there were 95 vacant apartments – out of 215 – primed for conversions.”  The other units will be converted as rent-stabilized tenants vacate.  The plan calls for adding a gym and central air-conditioning.

Robert A. M. Stern is the architect overseeing the conversion.  Hollander Design is redesigning the courtyard.


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