Did you know that over 100 renters contacted me for my co-op rental listing at 317 East 3rd Street?  While only one group ended up with the apartment, the other 99 are still possibly looking.

317 East 3rd #16

317 East 3rd #16

The spring rental market is crazy, especially in the under $3,000 price point for a two bedroom.  Many renters think there is no value to a rental broker.  I hope I can change your mind in a few bullet points.

  • Most of the "no fee" listings you see on streeteasy can be shown by every real estate agent (except co-ops and condos) and would never cost you a broker fee.  
  • Many of the broker fee listings are actually better than the "no fee" listings if you plan to live in the apartment more than one year, because your base rent is significantly less.  One year goes by VERY quickly!
  • People think they will find a place on naked apartments and even craigslist but the majority of those listings are fake listings that aren't available.  Why are you contacting agents who are so untrustworthy that the first point of contact is based in a lie?!

IN SUMMARY:  If you could find ONE agent you trust who will show you EVERYTHING on the market in your price-point would you choose that over going on a wild goose chase?

A dedicated rental agent will do all the chasing and make sure you see the maximum number of places that fit your requirements.  To me its a no-brainer which is why I was so compelled to email you!  

All real estate agents are 100% commission.  Therefore they are incentivized to show you the maximum number of places and help you find an apartment that fits your needs.

The majority of my business is focused on sales (helping buyers find their dream home and sellers maximize their sales value) but I am happy to take you out and show you everything in your price point if you:

  1. Have all your paperwork in order - job offer letter, tax returns if applicable, bank statement if applicable, and guarantor if applicable
  2. Are still looking for an apartment

Also, if you plan on living in new york for more than 3 years, and your parents could help you with a down payment, I would also consider buying.  There are very cute properties in Brooklyn Heights (prime brooklyn) and Upper East/Upper West that are under $400,000.  

Hope to hear from you, even if its to say hi!

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