The truth about selling and why TIME matters

Aside from the non-negotiable costs of buying and selling (mortgage recording tax, transfer tax, mansion tax etc..), there are costs that increase significantly the longer a property is on the market. Holding costs.
TIME IS MONEY! Did you know that on average a co-op take 5-7 months to close? That time costs 3-8% of the total sales price.
This is why choosing your agent wisely really matters. When you agree to pay a commission to hire an agent, they should be earning it with the services they can offer you. Commissions are an investment, and aren't an expense like the closing costs above.
  • For sellers: My extensive network and marketing tools will get your property seen by as many potential buyers as possible, driving up sale prices and shortening time on the market. I dedicate significant time and effort into all of my listings, handling every detail quickly and thoroughly.
  • For buyers: The most important question to consider (if you aren't purchasing to hold forever) is how easy the property will be to re-sell in the future.
When you invest in my expertise, support, and guidance, you can be assured you will know the numbers and how they impact you on a short and long term basis.
The truth about selling is clear when you break it all down!

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