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The Importance of Networking for Real Estate Agents!

I went to Dallas for the Tom Ferry success summit. It's like Tony Robbins, but only filled with real estate agents from across the country. Imagine a thousand real estate agents in a room (we are all chatterbox salespeople).

It's a networking event that I attended digitally last year because Frankie was 8 months and we had just moved to DUMBO and I committed to going in person no matter what! Before I knew I was pregnant with Milo!

The event focuses on emerging technology and trends to be more efficient and helpful to buyers and sellers. It's also an excellent networking event (I met @elka.raved there a few years ago and she is my Larchmont NY go-to!)

In the wild world of real estate, networking isn't just shaking hands and swapping business cards; it's like finding your real estate soulmates.

It's not just about who you know but about who you can call at 10 PM on a Friday because you've got a client looking for that perfect loft in Dallas. The beauty of events like these is that every new connection is a potential collaborator, or even the go-to person when you need advice on navigating a tricky deal.

One of the coolest things about these gatherings is the referral game. It's like a secret code among real estate professionals. You meet someone, have a great chat about your shared love for quirky loft spaces or the challenges of selling in a competitive market, and boom—next thing you know, you're referring clients to each other. It's not just about expanding your network; it's about building a tribe of agents across the country who've got your back.

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Networking isn't just about scoring the next big deal; it's about finding your real estate family. I've seen it happen—a connection made at an event leading to a collaboration that breaks down geographical barriers. Suddenly, you're teaming up with agents across the country, pooling your strengths, and making things happen. It's not just about selling homes; it's about creating a network that amplifies everyone's success.

Every year I plan my goals and aspirations - I told Frank at the beginning of the year the only thing I want to do alone is go to this event lol!

The marketing department at @compassny I've been incredibly impressed by. They help execute on ideas like this flip book that I'll be sharing with other agents that I meet at the event.

I also created an email list of agents across the country that will get this digitally to start and build my national network / database to help people relocate across the country!

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