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Everyone wants some peace of mind when they are moving into a new rental property. This is why renters insurance is the best way to do so! Renter’s insurance covers everything from inside your home to outside of your home. It is necessary when living in New York City! Here are some of the best renters insurance companies to protect your home and your belongings. 



  • Monthly subscription, renters pay $5/month homeowners pay $25/month. You can also add cars, pets, and term life to your bundle at an extra cost.

  • 100% online, can download the app on the app store.

  • Takes 90 seconds to get insured. 

  • Flat fee for everything. 

  • Insures everything from inside your apartment/house to outside.

  • Claims approved extremely quickly. You file all claims through the app itself.

  • You can choose annual or monthly plans.

  • America’s top rater renters insurance as of January 2022 4.9/5 stars.


Liberty Mutual 

  • Monthly subscription, renters pay $5/month.

  • Bundling discounts when wanting to add on more services.

  • Discounts for people who served in the military or who are currently serving. 

  • Purchasing policy is online and can also sign up for autopay.

  • Additional charges if you want to cover jewelry and other high-value items.

  • How much you pay depends on where you live, the value of your belongings, and how much coverage you want.



  • You can bundle your auto and renters insurance. 

  • Can save 15% if your property has safety devices like sprinklers and fire alarms.

  • If you sign up for autopay you can save up to 5%.

  • Claim-free 

  • Monlthy premium is about $16/month and can be as low as $4/month.

  • Cover electronics, clothes, bikes, theft and much more.


State Farm

  • Largest insurance insurer in the country.

  • Can bundle car insurance with renters insurance and save money.

  • Can purchase and install safety devices in your home through State Farm.

  • Easy mobile app to navigate.

  • Costs about $15/month for up to $35,000 in coverage. 

  • Can get inflation coverage, so when prices rise you will not have to pay more for renters insurance.


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