Mortgage Tips From a Real Estate Agent

When buying a home it is important to explore all different avenues for different mortgage rates. Many banks can provide different types of mortgages at lower costs below are some tips and tricks to get you the best rate!
You can pursue a standard free lock rate to get the best available rate for a mortgage. A standard free lock rate is if you’re shopping for a house and your bank says we’ll give you a 4.5% rate and it’s good for 60 days, to find a house. They’re locking you to find a house at this lower rate. It is important to utilize this rate as the bank is providing you with a lower rate and it will increase if you do not close on a house within the time frame.
If your lock rate expires before you close on a house, the mortgage lender might offer to extend the lock rate either for free or for a fee. It also depends if it is someone’s fault that the house did not close on time. If it is the seller’s fault the bank will extend for free, but otherwise, if it is your fault they will have to add a fee. If the mortgage lender decides not to extend your rate, the loan would be based on the current rates which are not as low as the lock rate the bank will give you.
When taking out a mortgage there are many different options to choose from. That is why some lenders offer relationship discounts. Relationship discounts are from lenders who offer perks of lowering costs if you are an existing customer at the bank and have accounts with them.
When looking to build a home or renovate there are many different types of loans than just a regular mortgage loan. They are usually higher than traditional mortgage rates and they put your home as collateral. If you cannot pay back your loan they will take your house as it is collateral. They also give you a certain time period to get renovations and buildings done and you must complete the building in that time frame the bank provides you with. 
Another tip is you do not want to do anything that will impact your mortgage loan from the bank. Switching jobs or making major purchases can impact the banks decision if you are eligible for a loan. They can take it back and you will have to start the loan process all over again. It is important to consider the above tips when trying to get a mortgage at a good rate.
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