How To Sell A Loft In 30 Days

How to sell a loft in 30 days? After living in Soho for 10 years, I fell in love with everything that lofts have to offer: the ability to create your own space, high ceilings, cool neighbors.

Making sure the loft attracts the right buyers is imperative. Because lofts can range from 1500-4000+ square feet, and many of them haven't been renovated in 10, 20, 30+ years, it takes extra work pre-listing to attract the right buyers.

So how do you sell a loft in 30 days?

1) Determine the ideal buyer for the current and potential layout and building history CO) and policies

2) Work with the owner to tailor the feel of the loft to best attract the perfect buyer identified in #1

3) Create marketing materials including professional photos, floorplan and digital media showcasing the attributes.

4) Contact all the agents most likely to have a buyer and let them know the property is coming for sale to create buzz.

5) Show show show!

To further enhance the loft's appeal, consider highlighting its renovation potential. Showcase the space as a canvas for personalization, emphasizing its unique character, such as exposed brick walls and expansive windows. This approach caters to a specific segment of buyers looking for a project and adds an extra layer of attraction.

Additionally, capitalize on the distinctive Soho lifestyle by underlining the neighborhood's charm and amenities. Mention the proximity to renowned art galleries, trendy cafes, and cultural hotspots, framing the loft not just as a property but as an integral part of a vibrant community. This connection to the Soho lifestyle can be a compelling selling point that resonates with potential buyers.

For a modern touch, emphasize any energy-efficient features or upgrades within the loft. Buyers increasingly prioritize sustainability, so if the property boasts energy-efficient appliances or green design elements, be sure to highlight them. This can appeal to environmentally-conscious individuals actively seeking a contemporary and eco-friendly living space.

To maximize exposure, leverage the power of social media. Incorporate relevant hashtags related to loft living, Soho, and real estate. Share captivating snippets from the property reel on platforms like Instagram, and encourage audience engagement by prompting followers to share their thoughts on the loft's unique features. Utilizing social media in this way can create a buzz and attract a broader audience of potential buyers.

Check out this Instagram post I made a few months back to see an example of a loft I sold last year! The photos in the reel are from my listing at 458 Broadway last year. It sold for the full asking price in 23 days on the market when the average days on the market in Soho is 137!

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