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Financing Strategies In A High Interest Rate Market!

What are you waiting for! Get up off of that thing!!

If you plan to live in NYC for at least 4 years, it {almost} always makes sense to buy!

In September I hosted a very unique event to help you navigate to your dream home! I brought together some of the top mortgage bankers and brokers to talk about their various mortgage products in a panel discussion format with q&a!

We talked about interest only, high leverage (aka 85% or more), adjustable rate, rate buy downs (and why they might not be the best option), construction financing, self-employed borrowers, startup with equity programs, doctors programs, and more!

Two-thirds (66%) of 2023 buyers are waiting for mortgage rates to drop before home shopping. When rates go down, a flood of buyers will make it extremely competitive. Instead of waiting for rates to drop, navigate the current market with a good financing plan!

Let's dive into the fun part – financing options that can make your journey to homeownership smooth.

First up, rate buy-downs. This move involves paying upfront to lower your interest rate, giving you more flexibility with your monthly payments. 

Next up, high leverage options. Going beyond the usual down payment scenarios, high leverage (aka 85% or more) can be a game-changer. 

Adjustable-rate structures might sound like financial jargon, but bear with me – they're worth understanding. These mortgages start with a fixed rate, then switch to a variable rate after a set period. It's like having a mortgage that can groove with the market. But when is it the right time to tango with an adjustable rate? There are many different use cases depending on your plans for the future!

And for my self-employed hustlers out there, navigating the mortgage landscape can be trickier when you're your own boss, but fear not – there are programs designed just for you. There are many ways to uncover the insider tips on securing a mortgage that understands the gig economy hustle and supports your journey to homeownership.

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