Converting Multi-Family Homes to Condos

Converting Multi-Family Homes To Condos!

Have you ever found yourself stumped when a client asked about converting a 2+ family home to condos? Fear not! Join us on Thursday, November 16, from 12-1:30 pm at 614 W 146th St, a stunning four-family townhouse rich with historical details, for an enlightening lunch and learn session.

What to Expect:

Hosted by Jason Nazinitsky and I, this session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to guide your clients through the intricacies of converting multi-family homes into condos. 

Jason is a partner at Marans Newman Tsolis Nazinitsky LLC, and Head of the Condominium and Offering Plan department. 

He participates in property acquisitions and acquisition financing, construction financing, refinancing, inventory loans, and all other real estate transactions, mainly representing developers and property owners.

By the end of the event, you'll be well-prepared to address the following scenarios:

  1. Buy a Building and Live in One Unit While Selling the Rest: Understand the steps involved in acquiring a multi-family townhouse and navigating the process of living in one unit while selling the others.
  2. Buy a Building, Renovate, and Sell All Units: Learn the ins and outs of purchasing a building, executing renovations, and successfully selling each unit.
  3. Buy a Building with Friends and Convert to Condo for Separate Sales: Explore the possibilities of joint ventures in real estate, specifically buying a building with friends and converting it into condos for eventual separate sales.

Topics Covered:

Our comprehensive session will cover a range of topics essential for mastering the art of converting multi-family homes into condos. Be prepared to delve into:

How to Acquire Multi-Family Townhouses:

  • Understand the strategies and steps involved in acquiring multi-family properties that are ripe for conversion.

Overall Timeline for Converting to Condos:

  • Gain insights into the timeline from the initial stages of conversion to the final sale of individual condo units.

DOB Requirements:

  • Navigate the Department of Buildings (DOB) requirements with ease, ensuring a smooth and compliant conversion process.

Financing Options:

  • Explore various financing options available for multi-family home conversions, empowering you to guide your clients effectively.

Your Questions, Answered:

The session is not just about the scheduled topics; we encourage you to bring any burning questions you might have about converting multi-family homes to condos. Our goal is to provide you with practical, actionable insights that you can apply in your real estate endeavors.

UPDATE: The event was a success!!! Check out my Instagram post on it to see how it went. 

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