Contract To Closing In 10 Steps!

So...we found your dream apartment, made an offer, had it accepted and are now in contract! Whats next? Check out my video below!

Contract To Closing In 10 Steps!
  • Step 1: Knowing important due dates in the Fully Executed Contract
  • Step 2: Buyer takes the contract and shops for the best rate & terms
  • Step 3: Buyer pays for the bank to hire an appraiser
  • Step 4: The appraiser comes and inspects the property in person and submits a report to the bank
  • Step 5: The banks will review the appraisal and include it as part of the loan documentation for the commitment
  • Step 6: Wait up to 10 days for the bank to issue a commitment letter
  • Step 7: If the buyer is purchasing a co-op or condo, the buyer will also be working on a board package to submit to the building
  • Step 8: Work with the bank to remove the conditions on the commitment letter
  • Step 9: Attorneys schedule a closing date
  • Step 10: Schedule and perform a final walk-through
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