A Fast Nickel Beats A Slow Dime Right Now!

There is A LOT of momentum right now for NYC real estate. Working with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants, a fast nickel beats a slow dime. 

A fast nickel:

  • Sellers price a property to move it quickly & willing to negotiate when an offer comes in 

  • Buyers move quick & lock it down! They go all out making their best offer and don't drag their feet squeezing a little bit more money out


A slow dime:

  • Sellers list high based on pre-covid prices or a condition or amenities that might not be as desirable and wait to get an offer

  • Buyers in a multiple offer situation stress over “overpaying 1-3%” with a market that is rising, losing out on appreciation potential over the longer term 

As a top real estate agent, it is my goal to educate the pros and cons to both methods and the right time to use them! If you have any questions about the market, contact me! or Instagram @DanielleSellsNYC!

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