4 Tips for New Real Estate Agents!

Are you a new agent? This post is for you! I like to post educational pieces for buyers, sellers and other agents to learn about the market.

This post has 4 tips for new agents trying to schedule showings for their buyers at properties for sale!

  1. You always want to call and email and introduce yourself! And 100% include that you're a real estate agent. You need to make it known you're not a buyer and you are trying to schedule an appointment for your client.
  2. Read the listing description! On my listings, you wouldn't believe the amount of calls or emails I get from agents with questions about my listing that if they would have just spent 2 minutes reading the description, they wouldn't have needed to waste any time! Does your buyer have a pet? Do they need an elevator, it should all be clearly spelled out in the description!
  3. Provide the sellers agent a tidbit about your buyer - by letting them know why their property is ideal, it will help them make you and your client a priority! Most agents will remember the initial conversation if your buyer makes an offer and there are multiple offers it could set your client apart.
  4. Offer to send and follow through sending a calendar invite to confirm the showing and re confirm the appointment the night before and morning of. Yes it's a bit of overkill but it guarantees your client will be there with someone to open the door!

Remember, building strong relationships with sellers and their agents is key in the real estate industry. After each showing, take a moment to express gratitude to the listing agent and share positive feedback about the property.

A thoughtful follow-up email can go a long way in leaving a lasting impression. Additionally, consider connecting with them on professional platforms like LinkedIn to strengthen your network. By fostering positive relationships, you not only enhance your reputation within the real estate community but also pave the way for smoother transactions in the future.

Happy showing, and may your journey as a real estate agent be filled with successful deals and meaningful connections!

Did I miss any advice?! Let me know by messaging me on Instagram @DanielleSellsNYC!

For more on this topic, check out the YouTube video I made on it!

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